Essential Mace Skills


Essential Mace Skills


Duration of Course: 3 hours

This course is designed to teach all persons on how to utilize the proper techniques in deploying Oleoresin Capsicum, decontamination and reporting procedures. This course covers all application laws pertaining to the proper use, storage and disposal of OC, de-escalation technique and use of force continuum.

*NOTE* Full payment for the course includes a canister of OC spray and training materials.

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This course is taught by a 20 year veteran Law Enforcement Corrections Officer who has utilized basic to highly advanced methodologies for OC deployment.

Topics Covered in this Course: (subject to change)

  1. Applicable Laws (Emphasis on NJ)

  2. Basic Situational Awareness Tips: De-escalation techniques, Use of Force continuum

  3. Immediate muscle memory reaction to a threat

  4. Proper Utilization of your Mace a Defensive Manner: Carry, Deploying

  5. Basic guidelines on how to deal with the aftermath

  6. Decontamination, Reporting Procedures

  7. Storage & Disposal



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