Low Light No Light Essentials

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Low Light No Light Essentials


Duration of Course: 4 hours

Short Description: With most defensive situations occurring at night one of the tools you should have is a good dependable flash light, but do you know how to use to protect yourself? Do you know how to use it in conjunction with your firearm?
If not, this course is perfect for you. R.O.C. will take you through the different options for purchasing a defensive flashlights, techniques on how to implement them, how to use it in conjunction with your firearm and how to utilize them in self-protection scenarios.

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Topics Covered in this Course: (subject to change)

  1. Physical Reaction to low or no light conditions

  2. Type of Defensive Lights

  3. Sights for your firearm

  4. Ammunitions

  5. Hand held techniques

  6. Self Defense techniques

  7. Shooting Drills

  8. Bonus Drills (if we have time)

Necessary Equipment List:

  • Above All...An Open Mind

  • Two fully charged or battery-powered handheld flashlights
    • Do not bring a flashlight that’s activated by turning the bezel
    • Weapon-mounted flashlight - Holster Required that works with your weapon mounted light.
    • Extra batteries
    • If using a weapon-mounted light, you must also bring a handheld flashlight
    • Flashlight holder (belt-style preferred)

  • Pistol: Semi-Auto preferred, Revolvers are welcome

  • 300 rounds of quality ammo (No steel case)

  • Strongside belt holster

  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection - Electronic Preferred

  • Sturdy gun belt (double thickness)

  • Minimum of three magazines or six speed loaders

  • Magazine pouch - Holds at least two

  • Knee Pads (Optional)

  • Elbow Pads (Optional)

  • Drinking water

  • Pen and paper

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