Essential Holster Draw Skills


Essential Holster Draw Skills


Duration of Course: 3 hours

Short Description: A detailed synopsis and implementation of skills required to draw from various holsters.

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Do you need to prepare for a concealed carry course? How about that tactical or Dynamic pistol class that requires you to draw from a holster? Or maybe you just want to learn the essential skills to draw your pistol from a holster and re-holster it in the safest possible manner. This course will provide you with the basic essentials to draw from any holster you utilized for your carry needs.

Topics Covered in this Course: (subject to change)

  1. Classroom - Briefing, over of gear and the standard 5 step draw process

  2. Firearm safety procedures

  3. Range safety procedures

  4. Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

  5. Reloads

  6. Holster types & Equipment, positioning

  7. Standard 5 step draw process

  8. Re-holstering procedures

  9. Live fire drills

  10. Maintaining Accuracy

Necessary Equipment List:

  • Above All...An Open Mind

  • Pistol: Semi-Auto preferred, Revolvers are welcome

  • 250 rounds of quality ammo

  • Strongside belt holster (OWB or IWB), back up carry gun holsters are welcome

  • Cover Garment (Optional)

  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection - Electronic Preferred

  • Sturdy gun belt (double thickness)

  • Minimum of three magazines or six speed loaders

  • Magazine pouch - Holds at least two

  • Knee Pads (Optional) 

  • Elbow Pads (Optional)

  • Pen and paper

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