New Jersey State SORA Certification

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New Jersey State SORA Certification


Do you need SORA certification to work your security job or ever thought about a career in security? R.O.C. now offers New Jersey state recognized Security Officer Registration for First Timers. Full training curriculum and materials are all included.

Simply fill out the NJSP online application (see link below), complete your electric fingerprints, obtain your certificate with the state’s 6 digit # and you’re ready for our course.

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This is a 2-day course, 12 hours each day to meet New Jersey state’s requirements for security officer certification.

NJ SORA Application Process (Click Link)

SORA training course includes, but is not limited to, the following subject matter:

  • NJ Attorney General's Use of Force Policy

  • Terrorism Awareness

  • Cargo Theft

  • Security Measures: Prevention and Deterrence

  • New Jersey's Critical Infrastructure Awareness

  • Suspicious Letters and Packages

  • Suicide Bombers and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED's)

  • First Aid Awareness

  • Incident Command System

  • Ethics

  • Report Writing

  • Street Gangs

  • Verbal Judo

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