NRA Basic CCW Course

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NRA CCW Instructor Training Pic.jpg

NRA Basic CCW Course


Duration of Course: 16 hours (2 Days)

Short Description: Review of HOW TO TEACH  the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry a concealed pistol for personal protection.

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More Details: NRA Instructors; it’s finally here!! Presenting the NRA’s newest and most comprehensive instructor discipline course ever…NRA CCW Instructor.   This course is a 16-hour (over 2 days) course with an extensive amount information covering everything from how to teach each lesson plan in Basic CCW to, teaching defensive pistol skills, drill preparation, running a line , etc.  It will also include 5 live fire qualification drills an instructor candidate must pass in order to achieve this discipline.

Pre-Requisites for this class are as follows:

  • NRA Pistol Instructor

  • NRA Basic CCW Course

Lessons Covered in this Course:

  • Lesson 6: Assembling your Lesson Plan

  • Lesson 7: Drawing from Concealment

  • Lesson 8: Loading Stoppage

  • Lesson 9: Mindset, Responding to an Attack and the Aftermath

  • Lesson 10: Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment

  • Lesson 11: Defensive Pistol Skills

  • Lesson 12: Running/Managing a CCW Line

  • Lesson 13: Range Preparation

  • Lesson 14: Drill Preparation

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